Posted: March 19 2011

Thanks to everyone who packed in to the Elliott Louis Gallery for the TAKING LIBERTIES opening! The show is up until April 2nd, so there's still plenty of time to get yourself dipped in Lowbrow goodness!

Also thanks to those who flew out from across Canada for the event and those in the press who saw fit to help educate the masses that art doesn't need a PHD to understand and enjoy.

check out the article in Thursday's Georgia Straight 


and keep your radio tuned to CBC for upcoming interviews.

There are tons of photos of the work at the gallery website and check for photos tagged "Lucky Red" on facebook





Event: “Taking Liberties” 12 Midnite solo show at Elliott Louis Gallery

Dates: March 8nd to April 2nd, 2011

Location: Elliot Louis Gallery- 258 East 1st ave. Vancouver, BC

Gallery Hours:  Tuesday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm


12 MIDNITE website:


Underground art legend 12 MIDNITE brings his pop-noir nitemare world out of the shadows and into the Elliott Louis Gallery, in a move destined to weaken the knees of Vancouver’s established art elite and ignite a passion for Pop.
12 Midnite has embodied the D.I.Y. ethic of punk rock and underground art for decades. Combining elements of graffiti, neon lighting and traditional pop art with the street-smart political sensibilities of a pop culture social critic, Midinite’s penchant for 50’s era hot-rods and uncompromising adherence to his political pop aesthetic has made him a lowbrow icon.
Now, after a quarter century-spanning career splattered with sell-out shows in converted warehouses and hastily renovated storefronts across the continent, he has teamed up with visionary Gallery owner Ted Lederer to unveil a new body of work destined to finally smash through the boundaries separating high and low-brow art. Together they aim to bring contemporary pop art to a whole new audience.
“Taking Liberties” is a tip of the hat to Midnite’s iconic stencil graffiti imagery that propelled him to underground legend status in the 80’s and 90’s. The pistol packing “Statue of Liberty” is now all the more topical in the current climate of American Imperialism.
Both his subject matter and presentation is often at odds with the artistic status quo.
While art often has an obscure meaning or an intention to draw the viewer in, Midnite’s art, with it’s glistening enameled surfaces and strobing neon lighting impacts you like a roundhouse punch or the headlight from an oncoming freight train.


MARCH 8-APRIL 2, 2011

258 East First Avenue, Vancouver

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All images & artwork © 12 Midnite. Not to be used for commercial purposes without written permission.

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