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All good things must come to an end

It's been a long run, but Lucky Red's time has passed....at this location at least

Well, folks, we're another victim of the Olympic Pillage. It was a foregone conclusion that corporate greed would limit the life span of the tiniest Lowbrow gallery in history, what with it's intimate proximity to the sleeping quarters of the athletic and priviledged.

Lucky Red shut off its tiki torches for the last time June 1, and with the tragic death by fire of the "Boneville" 63 Hearse in March, looks like change was inevitable. In case you haven't heard, the current project is our upcoming wedding in July at our house in the country. 

I, Jen and the whole Lucky Red gang extend our heartfelt gratitude for all of your support and patronage over the years, making Lucky Red the special place it really was.

Rest assured, we'll be back with something new and fun, so don't get all down in the mouth.

no crybabies, remember?

Over and out from the bitter end of chinatown



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