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12 Midnite spring news:

     A show for Toronto, a video and some updates on what your favorite hot rod hooligan is up to

12 Midnite, Canada's lord of lowbrow is featured in a show of prints called "Pulled" at Toronto's Headbones Gallery  www.headbonesgallery.com   March 19th through April 4, 2010.
It's your chance to see and hopefully purchase some prints from the seminal Gunland series, and is indicative of Midnite's current return to the Political pop art that set him apart from the lowbrow pack way back in the day...and continues to do so now.

On that note, check out the short video on youtube that was made for his presentation at the recent Tofino Film Festival at


You'll some of his neon art in full flashing glory. Yes, some of it is still for sale, yes, he does commissions, and hopefully we'll get a traveling show together in the near future so you can see it in a city near you.

After an eventful 2009 that saw dramatic changes in the Midnite household, not the least being the country wedding to the lovely Jennifer, and a prolonged covalescence from a shoulder operation, Midnite has had his nose to the grindstone again, slowly but surely creating a new collection of paintings that marks a return to the political commentary that you've come to expect. Stay tuned for info on upcoming shows, or if you know of a gallery that we should get into, please let us know.

Now that the black helicopters, big brother cameras and 15,000 extra police have for the most part dissipated from our Olympic fishbowl, perhaps we'll see a bit more of the stencil spray paintings pop back up as well. Remember: if you're not paranoid, you're probably crazy! 

 On the hot rod front, after the tragic fire  sent the 63 Pontiac hearse to the scrap heap and the sale of the 63 Comet to Logan Huffman from the T.V. series "V" (watch the show, cars don't come cheap) we're down to the 49 and 59 Chevies, which hopefully will both receive facelifts and be back tearing up the streets very soon....and yes, we are shopping to get the fleet back up to full force when the right vehicle comes along.

So, check out Headbones Gallery, buy some art, get your ride out onto the highway, plant your garden, hug your kid, live your life... and don't forget to question everything.



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